The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 12 No 5 - May 2015

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Application of a Two-zone Model to Estimate Medical Laser Generated Particulate Matter Exposures

Ramon Lopez, Steven E. Lacey and Rachel M. Jones

1. What was the volume of the simulated operating room in the study?

1. Answer key:
2. What was the highest steady-state concentration of LGPM modeled in the scenarios?

2. Answer key:

Respiratory Protection for Firefighters – Evaluation of CBRN Canisters for Use during Overhaul

Leaton E. Jones, Eric A. Lutz, Michael Duncan and Jefferey L. Burgess

3. What chemical was found to be above the ACGIH® TLV-C post CBRN filter in all tests?

4. The association between temperature at the start of sampling and formaldehyde concentration was shown to be statistically significant. True or False?

“Quasi NonParametric” Upper Tolerance Limits for Occupational Exposure Evaluations

Charles B. Davis and Paul F. Wambach

5. When comparing values in a dataset with an Occupational Exposure Limit, one should disregard values reported as “non-detects” (i.e., less than some Reporting Limit). True or False?

6. The QNP-UTL was developed as a tool to help industrial hygienists reach decisions when:

Short-term Variation in Occupational Exposure to Air Contaminants

Karl Gummesson, Ing-Marie Andersson and Gunnar Rosén

7. Reasons for exposure peaks can be identified by using a video exposure monitoring method in combination with assessment of exposure variation. True or False?

8. By identifying and reducing peak exposure, a major part of the total exposure can be reduced. True or False?

Loss of Heat Acclimation and Time to Re-establish Acclimation

Candi D. Ashley, John Ferro and Thomas E. Bernard

9. Once a person is acclimated to a hot environment, acclimation is maintained even if one is absent from the heat for 8 weeks. True or False?

10. Most of the loss of acclimation after being absent from the heat occurs early. True or False?

Heat Index and Adjusted Temperature as Surrogates for Wet Bulb Globe Temperature to Screen for Occupational Heat Stress

Thomas E. Bernard and Ivory Iheanacho

11. The following statement best characterizes Heat Index and Adjusted Temperature as surrogates for WBGT.

12. Because both Heat Index and Adjusted Temperature are based on air temperature and relative humidity,

Effectiveness Evaluation of Existing Noise Controls in a Deep Shaft Underground Mine

Eric A. Lutz, Rustin J. Reed, Dylan Turner, Sally R. Littau, Vivien Lee and Chengcheng Hu

13. One aspect of this study involved measuring sound pressure level within the ear canal (behind the hearing protector). True or False?

14. Which of the following choices approximates noise TWA8 exposures exceeding the MSHA PEL?

Night Shift Work and Lung Cancer Risk among Female Textile Workers in Shanghai, China

Paul Kwon, Jessica Lundin, Wenjin Li, Roberta Ray, Christopher Littell, Gao Dao Li, David B. Thomas and Harvey Checkoway

15. The primary conclusion could be described as confirmatory of the IARC classification of shift work. True or False?

16. Which of the following hormones is most associated with a relationship between shift work and presumed cancer?

Deadline for answers is May 31, 2015.

Answers will be available online on June 12, 2015.