The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 12 No 6 - June 2015

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Whole-body Vibration Exposure Intervention among Professional Bus and Truck Drivers: A Laboratory Evaluation of Seat-suspension Designs

Ryan P. Blood, Michael G. Yost, Janice E. Camp and Randal P. Ching

1. The EU Vibration Directive recommends which of the following daily action (AL) and exposure limits (EL) to reduce the likelihood of adverse health effects?

1. Answer key:
2. In general the EM-Active seat performed better than the air-ride truck seat at attenuating vibration in which direction?

Personal Protective Equipment Use and Hand Washing among Animal Farmers: A Multi-site Assessment

Nnaemeka U. Odo, Peter C. Raynor, Amanda Beaudoin, Ratana Somrongthong, Joni M. Scheftel, James G. Donahue and Jeffrey B. Bender

3. For groups of animal farmers in a research study, the highest reported percentage use of at least one kind of PPE at least some of the time was among:

4. The research on PPE use and hand washing among animal farmers indicated that the majority of workers in each group in the study always washed their hands after working with animals. True or False?

Potential Role of Infrared Imaging for Detecting Facial Seal Leaks in Filtering Facepiece Respirator Users

Philip Harber, Jing Su, Alejandro D. Badilla, Rombod Rahimian and Kristin R. Lansey

5. Infrared imaging has been shown to detect facial seal leakage in:

6. Which statement is most accurate about the current role of infrared imaging for detecting respirator facial seal leakage? IR imaging:

Protection of Firefighters against Combustion Aerosol Particles: Simulated Workplace Protection Factor of a Half-mask Respirator (Pilot Study)

James Dietrich, Michael Yermakov, Tiina Reponen, Pramod Kulkarni, Chaolong Qi and Sergey A. Grinshpun

7. The Simulated Workplace Protection Factor of an elastomeric half-mask depends on the particle size. True or False?

8. During the fire overall, the firefighters are usually exposed to the aerosol particles in a size range of (identify the closest answer among the four options):

Cleaning Efficiencies of Three Cleaning Agents on Four Different Surfaces after Contamination by Gemcitabine and 5-Fluorouracil

Antje Böhlandt, Svenja Groeneveld, Elke Fischer and Rudolf Schierl

9. Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate as an anionic surfactant:

10. The cleaning efficiency for contamination by gemcitabine and 5-fluorouracil is similar on glass and PVC surfaces. True or False?

Exposure to Crystalline Silica at Alberta Work Sites: Review of Controls

Diane Radnoff, Maria S. Todor and Jeremy Beach

11. At least one exposure measurement exceeded the Alberta occupational exposure limit at:

12. Which administrative controls appeared to have an impact on workplace exposure to silica based on the Alberta data?

Volatile Organic Compounds Off-gassing from Firefighters’ Personal Protective Equipment Ensembles after Use

Kenneth W. Fent, Douglas E. Evans, Donald Booher, Joachim D. Pleil, Matthew A. Stiegel, Gavin P. Horn and James Dalton

13. Which of the following was not 2-times breath concentration post burn?

14. Air concentrations of off-gassed BTEXS measured post-burn and exhaled breath concentrations were not significantly correlated. True or False?

Structural Firefighting Ensembles – Accumulation and Off-gassing of Combustion Products

Katherine M. Kirk and Michael B. Logan

15. Which of the following was NOT sampled using glass sorbent tubes packed with silica gel?

16. With the exception of hydrogen cyanide, very few acid gases were detected in the 24-hour air samples. True or False?

Deadline for answers is June 30, 2015.

Answers will be available online on July 10, 2015.