The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 12 No 1 - January 2015

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Occupational Exposure Assessment of Highway Toll Station Workers to Vehicle Engine Exhaust

Miriam Belloc-Santaliestra, Rudolf van der Haar and Emilia Molinero-Ruiz
1. The measured concentrations in the toll stations were far below the established occupational exposure limits, but tended to be higher than values reported for outdoor urban environments. True or False?

2. The total VOC exposure of tollbooth attendants was related only to vehicle exhaust. True or False?

Exposure Controls for Nanomaterials at Three Manufacturing Sites

William A. Heitbrink, Li-Ming Lo and Kevin H. Dunn
3. In considering control measures in workplaces, process choices and equipment configurations that minimize occupational hazards have a higher priority than the use of local exhaust and dilution ventilation. True or False?

4. According to ACGIH®, when using any fume hood to protect workers, the face velocity should be maintained in the range of _______ ft/min.

Environmental Relative Moldiness Index and Associations with Home Characteristics and Infant Wheeze

P.F. Rosenbaum, J.A. Crawford, A. Hunt, S.J. Vesper and J.L. Abraham
5. ERMI values are a single number that represent the difference between the concentration of __________indicator molds and __________molds.

6. In the investigation of the home environment, it is important to document the "move history" of the family because the _________ may have changed between homes, thereby affecting the ____________ profile of the infant.

Particle Size Distributions of Particulate Emissions from the Ferroalloy Industry Evaluated by Electrical Low Pressure Impactor (ELPI)

Ida Kero, Mari Naess and Gabriella Tranell

7. The protoparticles consist of amorphous silica. True or False?

8. The electrical low pressure impactor measures the size of the secondary agglomerates. True or False?

Enhanced Performance of Methamphetamine Lateral Flow Cassettes Using an Electronic Lateral Flow Reader

Jerome P. Smith, Deborah L. Sammons, Shirley A. Robertson and John E. Snawder
9. What are three methods of evaluating response of the lateral flow cassettes for methamphetamine surface contamination described in the article and what levels of contamination can be detected with each method?

10. The advantages of the use of the electronic reader over the use of visual methods for evaluating response of the methamphetamine lateral flow cassettes are that such use eliminates variation of visual interpretation by different individuals, allows for greater sensitivity than either visual method, and allows semi-quantitative results over the range of 0–25 ng/100 cm2. True or False?

Evaluation of Minnesota and Illinois Hospital Respiratory Protection Programs and Healthcare Worker Respirator Use

Lisa M. Brosseau, Lorraine M. Conroy, Margaret Sietsema, Kari Cline and Kara Durski
11. Most hospitals in this survey were using effective methods for helping healthcare workers remember which manufacturer, model and size respirator they should wear. True or False?

12. Respirator programs in the surveyed hospitals were influenced more by CDC guidelines than by OSHA standards. True or False?

Subjective Evaluation of Physical and Mental Workload Interactions across Different Muscle Groups

Ranjana K. Mehta and Michael J. Agnew
13. From an applied ergonomics perspective, subjective assessment of work demands (both physical and psychological) are more feasible to obtain using physiological as opposed to 'naturalistic' measurements. True or False?

14. While the effort sub-scale was found to be sensitive to the physical and mental workload interactions that were muscle-specific, the same cannot be said for overall workload scores. True or False?

Characterizing Adoption of Precautionary Risk Management Guidance for Nanomaterials, an Emerging Occupational Hazard

Mary K. Schubauer-Berigan, Matthew M. Dahm, Paul A. Schulte, Laura Hodson and Charles L. Geraci
15. From this survey work, attempt to rank engineering controls from most to least frequent among ECN manufacturers or users.

16. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends that companies take precautionary measures because information reporting is relatively complete. True or False?

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