The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 13 No 1 - January 2016

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Imali Mudunkotuwa, T. Renée Anthony, Vicki Grassian and Thomas M. Peters

1. An occupational exposure limit for titanium dioxide composed of nanoparticles is available from:

2. A new method was needed to quantify titanium dioxide on air filters because:

Interlaboratory Evaluation of Cellulosic Acid-soluble Internal Air Sampling Capsules for Multi-element Analysis

Ronnee N. Andrews, H. Amy Feng and Kevin Ashley

3. The use of soluble internal capsules for air sampling offers which of the following advantages?

4. For most of the elements investigated in this study, statistically significant differences in recoveries were obtained for the different sample dissolution methods used by the various laboratories. True or False?

The Physical Demands of Electrical Utilities Work in North America

Robert D. Meade, Martin Lauzon, Martin P. Poirier, Andreas D. Flouris and Glen P. Kenny

5. The total amount of time spent performing work during _____________ was correlated with the mean and peak change in core temperature from baseline values.

6. Which of the following is evidence that workers were not self-pacing during work?

Deposition of Graphene Nanomaterial Aerosols in Human Upper Airways

Wei-Chung Su, Bon Ki Ku, Pramod Kulkarni and Yung Sung Cheng

7. Graphene aerosols can be size classified based on their electrical mobility diameter by:

8. Most of the nano-scale graphene aerosols inhaled into the human airways will:

Characterization of Process Air Emissions in Automotive Production Plants

J.B. D’Arcy, J.M. Dasch, A.B. Gundrum, J.L. Rivera, J.H. Johnson, D.H. Carlson and J.W. Sutherland

9. For fine particles, the aerosol mass concentration provides a reasonable guide to particle number concentration. True or False?

10. Which of the following likely has the least important role in producing toxic effects?


Tommi Vehviläinen, Harri Lindholm, Hannu Rintamäki, Rauno Pääkkönen, Ari Hirvonen, Olli Niemi and Juha Vinha

11. Which of the following is not one of the purposes of this study?

12. VOC sampling and analyses were carried out using ISO 16017-2 and ISO 16000-6. True or False?

Beryllium Solubility in Occupational Airborne Particles: Sequential Extraction Procedure and Workplace Application

Davy Rousset and Thibaut Durand

13. Although Be solubility was variable between factories it did not vary between different tasks in the same workplace. True or False?

14. Which of the following does not vary among factories?

Profiling Stainless Steel Welding Processes to Reduce Fume Emissions, Hexavalent Chromium Emissions and Operating Costs in the Workplace

Michael Keane, Arlen Siert, Samuel Stone and Bean T. Chen


16. As a rule, GMAW processes examined in this study did not demonstrate a substantial advantage over SMAW in terms of fume or Mn reduction. True or False?

Deadline for answers is February 29, 2016.

Answers will be available online on March 11, 2016.