The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 13 No 3 - March 2016

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Using Checklists and Algorithms to Improve Qualitative Exposure Judgment Accuracy

Susan F. Arnold, Mark Stenzel, Daniel Drolet and Gurumurthy Ramachandran

1. Industrial hygienists’ qualitative exposure judgment accuracy, based on professional judgment is:

1. Answer Key:
2. Exposure judgment accuracy, when guided by objective tools such as the Qualitative Exposure Assessment Checklist tool:

Predictors of Adherence to Safe Handling Practices for Antineoplastic Drugs: A Survey of Hospital Nurses

Sharon Silver, Andrea L. Steege and James M. Boiano

3. All of the following decreased the likelihood of nurse-reported spills of antineoplastic drugs (ADs) except:

4. Nurses who felt that adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) was available to them reported more PPE use and fewer spills. True or False?

Respiratory Protection for Firefighters - Evaluation of CBRN Canisters for Use during Overhaul II: In Mask Analyte Sampling with Integrated Dynamic Breathing Machine

Leaton Jones, Jefferey L. Burgess, Heath Evans and Eric A. Lutz

5. Increased relative humidity had a marginally negative impact on the CBRN canister/cartridge’s ability to filter formaldehyde. True or False?

6. Which three analytes were detected post CBRN filter?

Noise Exposure Assessment among Groundskeepers in a University Setting: A Pilot Study

Jo Anne G. Balanay, Gregory D. Kearney and Adam J. Mannarino

7. The ________ had the highest measured sound pressure level (~105 dBA) among the equipment and tools used by the university groundskeepers.

8. Approximately 30% of the 8-hr time-weighted average (TWA) noise exposures measured among university groundskeepers using the OSHA Hearing Conservation noise metric exceeded the OSHA action limit of 85 dBA. True or False?

Performance of an Improperly Sized and Stretched-out Loose-fitting Powered Air-purifying Respirator: Manikin-based Study

Shuang Gao, Roy T. McKay, Michael Yermakov, Jinyong Kim, Tiina Reponen, Xinjian He, Kazushi Kimura and Sergey A. Grinshpun

9. The protection level of a loose-fitting PAPR facepiece will decrease once a worker-wearer switches from less strenuous to more strenuous activities. True or False?

10. Facepiece type and MIF significantly affect the performance of a loose-fitting PAPR. True or False?

Particulate Pollutant Source Evaluation Using an Inverse Method under Steady-state Conditions

F. Chata, E. Belut, F.-X. Keller and A. Taniere

11. The number of sensors compared to the number of source to estimate must be _____________.

12. Where must the sensor be placed in order to estimate a source significantly different than the calibration source?

Evaluation of a Strapless Heart Rate Monitor during Simulated Flight Tasks

Zhen Wang and Shan Fu

13. The Mio Alpha uses Photoplethysmography (PPG) for detecting heart rate. True or False?

14. According to user feedback, what is the most important advantage of monitoring an aircraft pilot’s heart rate with a strapless heart rate monitor?

Occupational Exposures to Influenza among Healthcare Workers in the United States

Rachael M. Jones

15. The author’s literature review clearly revealed an average number of occupational exposures to influenza. True or False?

16. Age-distributions of attack rates and disease severity do not vary significantly among influenza epidemics. True or False?

Deadline for answers is March 31, 2016.

Answers will be available online on April 15, 2016.