The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 13 No 7 - July 2016

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The Effect of Simulated Air Conditions on N95 Filtering Face-piece Respirators Performance

Joel A. Ramirez and Patrick O’Shaughnessy

1. Regardless of the environmental condition applied to the face masks (temperature and relative humidity), the breathing resistance (BR) did not increase over time. True or False?

2. The water retention value is a measure of the amount of moisture absorbed and retained within the fibers of a filter. True or False?

Performance of a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer in Measuring Diverse Types of Airborne Nanoparticles: Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes, Welding Fumes, and Titanium Dioxide Spray

Bean T. Chen, Diane Schwegler-Berry, Amy Cumpston, Jared Cumpston, Sherri Friend, Samuel Stone and Michael Keane


3. Select your answer below:

4. Mr. Smith will use a direct-reading particle sizing instrument to monitor the presence of nanoparticles in a material processing plant. Among the following actions, what is the best industrial hygiene practice for him?

4. Answer Key:

The Near Field/Far Field Model with Constant Application of Chemical Mass and Exponentially Decreasing Emission of the Mass Applied

Mark Nicas

5. Consider a set of fixed ventilation conditions. If a solvent application rate onto a surface is constant and evaporation of the applied solvent is not instantaneous, the initial airborne solvent exposure intensity will be higher compared to the same constant application rate onto a surface and instantaneous evaporation of the applied solvent. True or False?

6. Worker A is positioned in the near field of a contaminant source with emission rate function G(t), mg/min, and Worker B is positioned in the far field of the source. To estimate Worker B’s airborne exposure intensity via mathematical modeling, it would be simpler to derive a well-mixed room model equation with emission rate function G(t) than to derive the exact far field equation based on the coupled differential equations for a near field/far field model. True or False?

A Comparison of Engineering Controls for Formaldehyde Exposure during Grossing Activities in Health Care Anatomic Pathology Laboratories

Wenhai Xu and Erica J. Stewart

7. The following series of exposure results would be handled in a Wilcoxon rank-sum testing of similar exposure groups as this series: <1, <1, 4, 6; and 2, <3, 5

8. Our data show a statistically significant difference in control between filtered and ducted backdraft grossing stations. True or False?

Respirable Crystalline Silica Exposures during Asphalt Pavement Milling at Eleven Highway Construction Sites

Duane R. Hammond, Stanley A. Shulman and Alan S. Echt

9. Cold-milling, which uses a toothed, rotating cutter drum to grind and remove the pavement to be recycled, is primarily used to remove surface deterioration on both petroleum-asphalt aggregate and Portland-cement concrete road surfaces. True or False?

10. The maximum depth of asphalt milled during this study was:

Diesel Exhaust Exposures in Port Workers

Maximilien Debia, Eve Neesham-Grenon, Oliver C. Mudaheranwa and Martina S. Ragettli

11. The best way to evaluate workers’ exposure to diesel engine exhaust is by measuring carbon monoxide concentrations. True or False?

12. The typical particle size of ultrafine particles is:

Respiratory Source Control Using a Surgical Mask: An In Vitro Study

Rajeev B. Patel, Shaji D. Skaria, Mohamed M. Mansour and Gerald C. Smaldone

13. A surgical mask can provide additional protection to the health care worker in most environmental conditions. True or False?

14. Source control using a surgical mask may be effective when worn by:

Characterization of Particle Exposure in Ferrochromium and Stainless Steel Production

Merja Järvelä, Markku Huvinen, Anna-Kaisa Viitanen, Tomi Kanerva, Esa Vanhala, Jukka Uitti, Antti J. Koivisto, Sakari Junttila, Ritva Luukkonen and Timo Tuomi

15. The airborne particle formation in stainless steel melting is NOT linked to which of the following?

16. This study characterized environmental particle exposure in ferrochromium and stainless steel production. True or False?

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Answers will be available online on August 12, 2016.