The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 14 No 6 - June 2017

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Metal Exposures at Three U.S. Electronic Scrap Recycling Facilities

Diana Ceballos, Catherine Beaucham and Elena Page

1. Electronic scrap recyclers may be exposed to:

2. Employees cannot be exposed to heavy metals when a cathode ray tube is manually disassembled. True or False?

Exposure Control Practices for Administering Nitrous Oxide: A Survey of Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants

James M. Boiano, Andrea L. Steege and Marie H. Sweeney

3. Local exhaust ventilation was the preferred method of controlling waste nitrous oxide at the patient. True or False?

4. Which of the following recommended work practices are not followed by the highest proportion of dental practitioners?

Evaluating Well Mixed Room and Near Field Far Field Model Performance under Highly Controlled Conditions

Susan F. Arnold, Yuan Shao and Gurumurthy Ramachandran

5. The impact of model selection, evaluated categorically, suggested there was essentially no categorical difference in the predicted exposure category based on the model selected. True or False?

6. Acceptable model performance was defined by ASTM 5153-97. To be deemed acceptable, a model had to meet:

Assessment of Personal Airborne Exposures and Surface Contamination from X-ray Vaporization of Beryllium Targets at the National Ignition Facility

Samuel Y. Paik, Patrick M. Epperson and Kenneth M. Kasper

7. At the National Ignition Facility, which of the following is not a reason why beryllium is used as a target material?

8. Based on the National Ignition Facility’s first two years of experience with beryllium targets, surface sampling results suggest that most of the beryllium measured on the internal surfaces of the target chamber is loose and easily removable by wet wiping. True or False?

Fluid Replacement Advice during Work in Fully Encapsulated Impermeable Chemical Protective Suits

Candace D. Rubenstein, Emiel A. DenHartog, A. Shawn Deaton, Niels Bogerd and Saskia DeKant

9. When working in Fully Encapsulated Impermeable Chemical Protective Suits, the wearer experiences heat strain because of the inability to cool through evaporation of sweat. (One work-shift could be defined as the work time determined by utilization of one standard bottle of air of a standard SCBA system.) A guideline of drinking 0.7 liter per work-shift should be enough to significantly reduce the risk of dehydration in the work force in most conditions. True or False?

10. What is the most significant factor that causes a high heat strain for workers in Fully Encapsulated Impermeable Chemical Protective Suits?

Ultraviolet (UV)-reflective Paint with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Improves Decontamination of Nosocomial Bacteria on Hospital Room Surfaces

Katelyn C. Jelden, Shawn G. Gibbs, Philip W. Smith, Angela L. Hewlett, Peter C. Iwen, Kendra K. Schmid and John J. Lowe

11. Compared to standard paint, UVC exposure in combination with UV-reflective paint lead to significantly lowered concentrations of MRSA (p < 0.0001) and VRE (p < 0.0001) on surfaces oriented which direction?

12. The plastic surface from a hospital bedrail was the only surface type in comparison to stainless steel and chrome-plated light switch covers to show significantly lowered MRSA concentrations (p = 0.0005) from UVC exposure with UV-reflective paint compared to standard paint. True or False?

Characterization of Exposure to Byproducts from Firing Lead Free Frangible Ammunition in an Enclosed, Ventilated Firing Range

Christin M. Grabinski, Mark M. Methner, Jerimiah M. Jackson, Alexander L. Moore, Laura E. Flory, Trevor Tilly, Saber M. Hussain and Darrin K. Ott

13. What was the dominant median particle size range emitted from the M4 weapon?

13. Answer Key:
14. Smoke tests to visualize airflow patterns at each shooting lane showed uniform airflow with no backflow. True or False?

Recommended Test Methods and Pass/Fail Criteria for a Respirator Fit Capability Test of Half-mask Air-purifying Respirators

Ziqing Zhuang, Michael Bergman, Zhipeng Lei, George Niezgoda and Ronald Shaffer

15. The number of respirator models passing will be the largest if the required panel passing rate is _________.


Occupational Exposure of Aldehydes Resulting from the Storage of Wood Pellets

Mohammad Arifur Rahman, Alan Rossner and Philip K. Hopke

17. OSHA and NIOSH are currently revising OELs value for butyraldehyde. True or False?

18. Implementation of adequate ventilation in residential pellet bins and in pellet warehouses will likely substantially reduce exposures. True or False?

Deadline for answers is June 30, 2017.

Answers will be available online on July 14, 2017.