The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 14 No 5 - May 2017

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Comparison of Coarse Coal Dust Sampling Techniques in a Laboratory-Simulated Longwall Section

Justin R. Patts and Teresa L. Barone

1. Which sampler arrangement approximated the performance of the IOM-MOD for all feed dust sizes and airspeeds?

2. Filter-based samplers should have inlet flow direction parallel to the air flow to prevent anisokinetic sampling due to misalignment. True or False?

Increased Sensitivity of OSHA Method Analysis of Diacetyl and
2,3-Pentanedione in Air

Ryan LeBouf and Michael Simmons

3. Average extraction efficiencies for wet samples were within 10% of dry samples except for which analyte?

4. Methanol could be a better extraction solvent than the 95% ethanol used in OSHA Methods 1013 and 1016 when performing analysis by GC/MS. True or False?

Nonwoven Textile for Use in a Nanoparticle Respiratory Deposition Sampler

Donna J.H. Vosburgh, Jae Hong Park, Levi W.D. Mines, Imali A. Mudunkotuwa, T. Renée Anthony and Thomas M. Peters

5. The commercially available nonwoven textiles did not contain any titanium. True or False?

6. The number of layers of nonwoven textile required to match the NPM criterion varied depending on the material. How many layers were required for the C1 nonwoven textile to have an R squared value of 0.95?

A Comprehensive Assessment of Exposures to Respirable Dust and Silica in the Taconite Mining Industry

Jooyeon Hwang, Gurumurthy Ramachandran, Peter C. Raynor, Bruce H. Alexander and Jeffrey H. Mandel

7. Which of the following is not a subgroup of crystalline?

8. There was little variability between the mines for either respirable dust or respirable silica exposures because the taconite mining and milling processes are similar across all mines. True or False?

Performance of Prototype High-flow Inhalable Dust Sampler in a Livestock Production Facility

T. Renée Anthony, Changjie Cai, John Mehaffy, Darrah Sleeth and John Volckens

9. While the prototype sampler and the IOM provided similar concentrations, endotoxin concentrations differed between samplers, which indicates that:

10. Inhalable dust concentrations between the high flow prototype sampler and the IOM sampler agreed over the range concentrations reasonably anticipated in most livestock production exposures. True or False?

Elemental Properties of Coal Slag and Measured Airborne Exposures at Two Coal Slag Processing Facilities

Christopher Mugford, Randy Boylstein and Jenna L. Gibbs

11. Causality of pneumoconiosis (as in silicosis) can be dismissed by knowing for “coal slag-only” exposures that the silica content is less than 1% overall. True or False?

12. Which of the following metals was not identified as present?

Agreement between Two Methods for Retrospective Assessment of Occupational Exposure Intensity to Six Chlorinated Solvents: Data from The National Birth Defects Prevention Study

Candice Y. Johnson, Carissa M. Rocheleau, Misty J. Hein, Martha A. Waters, Patricia A. Stewart, Christina C. Lawson, Jennita Reefhuis and The National Birth Defects Prevention Study

13. The wide variety of work schedules encountered in population-based studies is what makes retrospective exposure assessment challenging in occupational epidemiology. True or False?

14. The industrial hygiene rating for mothers’ jobs held during pregnancy for probability of exposure did not include which of the following?

Respirable Size-selective Sampler for End-of-Shift Quartz Measurement: Development and Performance

Taekhee Lee, Larry Lee, Emanuele Cauda, Jon Hummer and Martin Harper

15. Which of the following is the best relationship typically when a new sampling feature is compared to an established feature?

16. The use of the EoS cyclone induced respirable dust mass concentration results similar to, but significantly larger (5%) than those obtained from samples collected with 10-mm nylon cyclones. True or False?

Understanding Workers’ Exposure: Systematic Review and Data-analysis of Emission Potential for NOAA

E. Kuijpers, C. Bekker, D. Brouwer, M. le Feber and W. Fransman

17. Which of the following is not an emission originating from handling and transfer of bulk manufactured nanomaterial powders (SD2)?

18. For processes with liquids (SD3b), it is generally not possible to distinguish emissions for spraying (propellant gas, (high) pressure and pump), sonication and brushing/rolling. True or False?

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Answers will be available online on June 9, 2017.