ACGIH Copyright Permission Request

Copyright Permission

All requests for permission to reproduce ACGIH® proprietary information must be made in writing. ACGIH receives requests all year, but the volume increases about 6–8 weeks before school terms and continues until 1–2 weeks before. As such, please allow 6–8 weeks to receive a decision for educational use material.

ACGIH does not grant worldwide, all translations, all media rights. Also, users who have been granted permission to use TLV/BEI-related materials must “reapply” annually if the material they are presenting has changed.

ACGIH does not charge for use of materials from AOEH for small group educational use. However, attribution is required.

ACGIH has an arrangement with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for some of its publications. Some are excluded and permission must be requested directly from ACGIH. Check with ACGIH or CCC for a list of excluded publications.

Submit a question about ACGIH proprietary information or request to reproduce ACGIH proprietary information. When submitting a request, please detail specifically the information that is being requested, how the information will be reproduced (book, pamphlet, internet, intranet, etc.), the target audience, if the reproduction will be sold or distributed free of charge, if sold or distributed free of charge, how many copies will be reproduced, and any other details that can aid ACGIH in processing your request. (Additional questions may arise during the process period.)

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