Company Opportunities

Company Opportunities

As the most prominent nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the scientific expertise of the OEHS community, ACGIH offers dynamic opportunities for companies interested in accessing organizational benefits along with reaching a large and engaged audience within the OEHS community.

Here are a few ways ACGIH facilitates learning, sharing and professional advancement among OEHS experts.

ACGIH Sponsorship

Reach a Large Scientific Audience Through This
New ACGIH Program

Due to the significant growth of our OEHS education deliverables, ACGIH is excited to announce its inaugural Sponsorship Program! In the initial release of this new communication platform, ACGIH is offering introductory rates to allow for maximizing advertising budgets in 2022.

ACGIH’s Sponsorship Program provides companies dynamic opportunities to present products to large and engaged audiences. Additionally, sponsoring ACGIH’s virtual and/or in-person programming supports the facilitation of affordable scientific education for OEHS professionals. You can obtain more information here, including a Sponsorship Prospectus and Interest Form to lock down limited spaces today!

Click here to download Prospectus.


Organizational Subscriptions

Enroll as an Organization and All of your OEHS Professionals Receive Subscriber Benefits as Well!

OEHS professionals within an Organizational Subscription will individually obtain all ACGIH benefits along with discounted group pricing.  All eligible individuals within an Organizational Subscription receive:

Complimentary Annual TLVs and BEIs Book
for each eligible subscriber within an organization
(digital or printed – valued at $54.95)

Unlimited Access to Data Hub
Mobile-friendly access to TLVs, BEIs and nearly 800 TLV and BEI
Supporting Scientific Documentations on their phone, tablet or PC

Complimentary “The Action Level!”
self-study, continuing education program

Digital Subscription to the
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH)

on education and publications

Free Shipping and Handling
(domestic United States)


FIV On-the-Road – “ACGIH Comes to You!”

 Give Your Full Team World-Class Industrial Ventilation Education

If you have a full team or department in need of professional development, ACGIH can bring our world-class industrial ventilation education right to your door. Classes can be tailored to your audience and last one week. You simply provide a location and ACGIH delivers all the learning materials. This hands-on course, taught by world renowned industrial ventilation experts, covers both basic and advanced topics related to industrial ventilation and related calculations.

ACGIH’s Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation is a course that covers recommended ventilation and engineering controls including:

  • The behavior of air and chemical contaminants in the air
  • Industrial process exhaust system design (including ACGIH calculation methods)
  • Make-up and supply air ventilation systems
  • Dilution ventilation systems
  • Selection and design of exhaust hoods, ducts, and fittings
  • Fans and air cleaners (including Fan Laws)
  • Troubleshooting and testing of existing systems
  • Hands-on testing and measurements

ACGIH’s Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation course includes classwork on Practical Applications of Useful Equations. Utilizing a hands-on ventilation lab, calculations instruction closely follows ACGIH’s Quantitative Industrial Hygiene: A Formula Workbook supplied to participants which features:

  • Calculation and estimation approaches related to airborne contaminants
  • TLV and TWA
  • OA for dilution, fans, system testing, sound and noise, heat stress, radiation, ventilation, statistics, chemistry, etc.
  • A ventilation lab where participants work in a team environment

For more information, email the ACGIH Science team at