ACGIH Webinars Schedule

October 11
Toxicology Series, Session 3
Genotoxicity, Carcinogenicity, & Epidemiology Data for Use in Setting Occupational Limits
Presenters: Mike DeLorme, PhD

October 25
Toxicology Series, Session 4
Basics of Setting Occupational Exposure Limits and Assigning Notations
Presenters: Bruce D. Naumann, Ph.D., DABT

November 8
The Assessment and Decontamination of an Opioid Contaminated Site and Establishment of Regulatory Standards
Presenter: Michael A. Polkabla, CIH

November 15
Optimizing Respirator Fit Testing: Best Practices for Industrial Hygienists
Presenter: Stephanie Lynch, PhD, CSP, COHC

November 29
IFV – What it is and How to Assess It
Presenter: Martin Harper, PhDz, CIH, FAIHA, CChem, FRSC, FASTM

ACGIH On Demand Webinars

2023 On Demand Webinars

Complimentary Webinar – 2023 Updates to the TLVs and BEIs

Sponsored by:

Bioaerosols Exposure in the Workplace and OSHA Standards

Biomechanics and Epidemiology of Shoulder Injuries

Emerging Infectious Diseases and First Responders

Complimentary Webinar – Engaging and Empowering Employees with Heat Stress Assessment
Sponsored by: 

The Environmental Risk Assessment of Medicinal Products; Implications for Human Health

EPA Chemicals Management in the Workplace Under TSCA:A Case Study

Complimentary Webinar
Global Understanding of Heat Stress and Heat Related Illness for Workers and Communities
Sponsored by: SlateSafety

The Hidden Occupational Hazard: Poor Indoor Air Quality

Human Factors: The Science of Safety

IH Field Survey & Identification Instrumentation Technical Overview (Including Chemical, Biological and Radiological Survey Instruments)

Improving Exposure Assessment  Tools for Emerging Professional’s Skill Enhancement

Industrial Air Cleaning Devices

Introduction of Computational Fluid Dynamics Applied in Industrial Ventilation
(Complimentary to ACGIH Subscribers/$10 for Non-Subscribers)

The New Dimensions of Occupational Health – Impact of Industrial Hygiene

Outcome Based Learning: Strategies For Course Design, delivery, and Evaluation for Virtual Environments

Toxicology Series, Session 1: Principles of Toxicology and Basics of Inhalation Toxicology for the Industrial Hygienist

Toxicology Series, Session 2: Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity & Toxicokinetic & Toxicodynamic Considerations

Understanding Chemical Fume Hood and Laboratory HVAC Systems 

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