Under Study

Under Study

Each Committee solicits information, especially data, which may assist in its deliberations regarding the substances, agents, and issues listed. Comments and suggestions, accompanied by substantiating evidence, preferably in the form of peer-reviewed literature, should be forwarded in electronic format, to The ACGIH Science Group at science@acgih.org. In addition, ACGIH solicits recommendations for additional substances, agents, and issues of concern to the industrial hygiene and occupational health communities. Please refer to the “ACGIH TLV/BEI Development Process” for a detailed discussion covering this procedure and methods for input to ACGIH.

The Under Study list is published on the ACGIH website, and later in the TLVs and BEIs book.

Chemical Substances and Other Issues Under Study (TLV-CS)

Chemical Substances and Other Issues Under Study (BEI)

Physical Agents Under Study (TLV-PA)

Biological Agents Under Study