Calendar of Events

2022-2023 Events

October 11 – December 13
Bioaerosols Lecture Series: Measurement & Mitigation
10-Week Virtual Course
Every Tuesday

November 30
Webinar – Use of the Velocity Pressure Calculation Sheet in the Design of Multi-Level LEVs

December 7
Webinar – How to Effectively Choose and Deploy Technology to Reduce Workplace Injuries: Avoiding the Pitfalls

2023 Schedule

January 11
Webinar – EPA Chemicals Management in the Workplace Under TSCA:A Case Study

January 25
Webinar – Emerging Infectious Diseases and First Responders

February 8
Webinar – Improving Exposure Assessment  Tools for Emerging Professional’s Skill Enhancement

March 8
Webinar – Biomechanics and Epidemiology of Shoulder Injuries

March 29
Webinar – The Hidden Occupational Hazard: Poor Indoor Air Quality

April 24-28
Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation
Cincinnati, OH

April 26
Webinar – Understanding Chemical Fume Hood and Laboratory HVAC Systems

May 10
Webinar – IH Field Survey & Identification Instrumentation Technical Overview (Including Chemical, Biological and Radiological Survey Instruments)

May 24
Webinar – Global Understanding of Heat Stress and Heat Related Illness for Workers and Communities

June 7
Webinar – The New Dimensions of Occupational Health – Impact of Industrial Hygiene

June 14
Webinar – Engaging and Empowering Employees with Heat Stress Assessment

August 16
Webinar – Outcome Based Learning: Strategies For Course Design, delivery, and Evaluation for Virtual Environments

September 6
Webinar – The Environmental Risk Assessment of Medicinal Products; Implications for Human Health

September 18-22
Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation
Philadelphia, PA

November 8
Webinar – The Assessment and Decontamination of an Opioid Contaminated Site and Establishment of Regulatory Standards