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Concepts of Industrial Noise Control

In-Person Course

March 19–21, 2024
Greater Cincinnati Area
Hilton Cincinnati Airport
7373 Turfway Road
Florence, KY

18 Education Contact Hours

ACGIH Subscribers: $1,950
Non-Subscribers: $2,250

Course Description
This course is designed to give Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals practical knowledge about noise control concepts and methods that will help them to assess hearing conservation challenges and develop noise control solutions. We’ll cover the basic physics of sound generation and propagation, hearing conservation and human perception, noise control advocacy and procurement approaches, noise control materials and methods, diagnostic measurement techniques, and tackling complex real-world situations. Attendees will learn to solve basic noise control problems and recognize when professional services are required. They’ll also learn to make a compelling case for noise control to workers, colleagues, and management.

Course Outline (prelim):
Day 1: Introduction, Basic Concepts, Fundamentals of Acoustics, Perception
Day 2: Criteria, Measurements, Noise Control, Prioritization
Day 3: Noise Control (cont’d), Example Projects


Certificate in Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention

On-Demand Professional Development Course

Earn 7 Education Contact Hours at your Convenience!

Subscriber Price: $369
Non-Subscriber Price: $459

Note: This course must be purchased by the person who will be accessing and taking the class.

Course Description
You may know that noise exposure is a ubiquitous workplace hazard in the US and globally, and that noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases. However, did you know that occupational noise has also been linked to high blood pressure and injuries? Or that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s limit for noise is not very protective against noise-induced hearing loss? This certificate course explores the basics of noise, auditory and non-auditory health impacts of noise, noise measurement instrumentation and methods, relevant exposure limits and guidelines (including the ACGIH® TLVs® for Audible Sound, Infrasound, and Ultrasound), hearing loss prevention programs, noise controls, and hearing protection devices. Learners can also choose to learn about ototoxic exposures (that is, chemical agents that can harm hearing even in the absence of noise), hearing protector fit testing, and community noise assessment. Practical and real-world examples are included throughout the course to reinforce key concepts. Technical readings are tied to each topic to allow learners to explore concepts in greater detail.

Instructor: Richard L Neitzel, PhD, CIH, FAIHA
Rick Neitzel is a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Global Public Health at the University of Michigan (UM) School of Public Health. He has published more than 130 peer-reviewed manuscripts focused on exposures to, and impacts of, noise and other occupational and environmental hazards. He is particularly interested in incorporating new methodologies and exposure sensing technologies into research and has a strong interest in translating his research findings into occupational and public health practice. He has created a job-exposure matrix for occupational noise exposures in the U.S. and Canada ( He also serves as the principal investigator of the Apple Hearing Study, a nationwide study of sound exposures and their impacts on hearing health (  Dr. Neitzel is Chair of the ACGIH Threshold Limit Values for Physical Agents (TLV-PA) Committee. He is also a Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association and has been a Certified Industrial Hygienist since 2003.