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Now Available! 2023 ACGIH Learning Pass

ACGIH’s 2023 Learning Pass is now available to purchase! ACGIH has an exciting lineup of webinars in 2023, and you can get access to all of them for one, low price! The Learning Pass is such an easy and affordable way to get access to 24 webinars and earn over 25 education contact hours. ACGIH webinars are taught by OEHS experts and provide you with opportunities to expand your career depth. The schedule is packed full of OEHS-related topics, such as, biomonitoring, leadership, noise, and toxicology.

*Does not include any special webinar series or courses offered for that year.

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Subscriber Price: $275
Non-Subscriber Price: $495

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2023 webinars included are:

February 8
Improving Exposure Assessment Tools for Emerging Professional’s Skill Enhancement
Presenter: Donald Elswick, CIH, CSP, CHMM, CIT

March 8
Biomechanics and Epidemiology of Shoulder Injuries
Presenter: Mark Heidebrecht, MSE, ACSM-EP, CHFP

March 29
The Hidden Occupational Hazard: Poor Indoor Air Quality
Presenter: Connie Muncy, MS, CIH, CUSP, REM

April 26
Understanding Chemical Fume Hood and Laboratory HVAC Systems
Presenter: Dennis A. Terpin, Ph.D, O.H.S.T.

May 10
IH Field Survey & Identification Instrumentation Technical Overview (Including Chemical, Biological and Radiological Survey Instruments)
Presenter: Patrick A. Ryan, CIH, CSP, CHMM

May 24
Global Understanding of Heat Stress and Heat Related Illness for Workers and Communities
Presenter: Bernard Fontaine Jr CIH CSP FAIHA

June 7
The New Dimensions of Occupational Health – Impact of Industrial Hygiene
Presenter: Michel Guiellman, PhD

June 14
Engaging and Empowering Employees with Heat Stress Assessment
Presenter: Don Elswick, CIH, CSP, CHMM, CIT

July 26
Human Factors: The Science of Safety
Presenter: Mark Heidebrecht, MSE, ACSM-EP, CHFP

August 16
Outcome Based Learning: Strategies For Course Design, delivery, and Evaluation for Virtual Environments
Presenter: Kevin Slates

September 6
The Environmental Risk Assessment of Medicinal Products; Implications for Human Health
Presenter: Dr. Antonio Conto

November 8
The Assessment and Decontamination of an Opioid Contaminated Site and Establishment of Regulatory Standards
Presenter: Michael A. Polkabla, CIH

2022 ACGIH Learning Pass

Earn all your education contact hours in one convenient and affordable way – ACGIH’s 2022 ACGIH Learning Pass. 24 on demand webinars presented in 2022, providing over 30 education contact hours. ACGIH webinars are taught by OEHS experts and provide you with opportunities to expand your career depth. Webinars from 2022 include a wide variety of topics such as wearable devices, respirator fit testing, and pandemic facility risk assessment.

*Does not include any special webinar series or courses offered for that year.

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Subscriber Price: $275
Non-Subscriber Price: $495

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2022 webinars included are:

ACGIH Morey Award Lecture for Bioaerosols Excellence

ACGIH Velocity Pressure Calculation Method – Making It Easy!

Combustible Dust: An Industrial Hazard

Considering Flow Paths in Whole Space Ventilation

Controversies on the Benefits of Sitting, Standing, or Hybrid Workplaces

Creative Use of Sensors – Modern Art for the Industrial Hygienist

Designing Ventilation for New Disasters in a Changing Climate

Epidemiology-Based Analysis of Musculoskeletal Injuries: A Forensic Approach

Exposure Assessment Modeling – A Practical Approach – Sponsored by

Hazardous Materials & Unknown Chemical Field Testing & Classification

How the Adoption of Revision 7 of the GHS of Classification of Labelling of Chemicals in Canada and the US Impact Your SDSs and Labels

How to Effectively Choose and Deploy Technology to Reduce Workplace Injuries: Avoiding the Pitfalls

The Industrial Hygiene of Chemical Weapons

Industrial Hygiene Programs in the Absence of Industrial Hygienists in EHS Organizations – Sponsored by Acuity Brands

Key to Hiring a Safety Trainer and Industrial Hygienist

Lab Cleanouts – A Structured Approach

The New Forms of Governance Offer Opportunities to Reduce Occupational Risks and Increase Workers’ Well Being

An Overview of U.S. Regulations Governing Hazards

Respirator Fit Testing: Common Errors and Solutions

Reviewing the Australian Workplace Exposure Standards

Risk Assessing Facility Pandemic Resilience

Sampling for Respirable Crystalline Silica to Meet the New Limit Values

Use of the Velocity Pressure Calculation Sheet in the Design of Multi-Level LEVs

Wearable Sensing Devices for Worker Safety and Health Management – Sponsored by

Worker Exposure Modeling: ECETOC-TRA Model and Advanced REACH Tool (ART)

Basics in Industrial Ventilation

Basics in Industrial Ventilation

Earn 9.25 Education Contact Hours

ACGIH is excited to bring you an on demand learning opportunity – Basics in Industrial Ventilation – a professional development course taught by industrial ventilation experts. This on demand course includes recorded sessions, handouts, and a test at the end. You will earn a total of 9.25 education contact hours. Also included is an electronic version of Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design, 30th Edition.

Available in 2 Measurement Systems:

Basics in Industrial Ventilation – IMPERIAL

Subscriber Price: $425
Non-Subscriber Price: $599


Basics in Industrial Ventilation – METRIC

Subscriber Price: $425
Non-Subscriber Price: $599


Bioaerosols Lecture Series: Measurement & Mitigation

Earn 11 Education Contact Hours

10-Week Virtual Course
Every Tuesday
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Eastern
Beginning October 11th

Weekly topics include:

Bioaerosols Book: Assessment and Control – 2nd Edition Overview
Mold Hyphae

Infectious Disease
Fungal Spores
Bacteria – Fungi – Viruses – Endotoxins
Microbial Contamination
Air Sampling Instrumentation
PPE & Respiratory Protection
Ventilation & Controls of Bioaerosols
Laboratory Analysis

ACGIH Subscriber Price: $551
Non-Subscriber Price: $689


Biological Monitoring in Occupational Exposure Assessment

Earn 2 Education Contact Hours

This is an asynchronous online course on how to use biological monitoring to assess chemical exposures. Biomonitoring can help in exposure assessment of specific chemicals and characterization of exposure pathways. Biomonitoring is especially useful when chemicals enter the body through inhalation and skin. Recall that traditional industrial hygiene air monitoring can only assess airborne exposures. Biomonitoring may be interpreted at group or individual levels in conjunction with ACGIH Biological Exposure Indices (BEI) values.

Subscriber Price: $120
Non-Subscriber Price: $150


Certificate in Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention

Earn 7 Education Contact Hours

You may know that noise exposure is a ubiquitous workplace hazard in the US and globally, and that noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases. However, did you know that occupational noise has also been linked to high blood pressure and injuries? Or that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s limit for noise is not very protective against noise-induced hearing loss? This certificate course explores the basics of noise, auditory and non-auditory health impacts of noise, noise measurement instrumentation and methods, relevant exposure limits and guidelines (including the ACGIH® TLVs® for Audible Sound, Infrasound, and Ultrasound), hearing loss prevention programs, noise controls, and hearing protection devices. Learners can also choose to learn about ototoxic exposures (that is, chemical agents that can harm hearing even in the absence of noise), hearing protector fit testing, and community noise assessment. Practical and real-world examples are included throughout the course to reinforce key concepts. Technical readings are tied to each topic to allow learners to explore concepts in greater detail.

Subscriber Price: $369
Non-Subscriber Price: $459


Computational Fluid Dynamics in Industrial Ventilation

Earn 23 Education Contact Hours

This On Demand course offers a combination of modules and independent study. Instruction centers on how to interpret the results of a CFD analysis along with understanding how to use subsequent metrics to identify and improve the functionality of ventilation systems.

Subscriber Price: $599
Non-Subscriber Price: $699


COVID-19 Aerosol Exposures in the Workplace Webinar Series On-Demand Webinars

Get access to ALL the webinars from the COVID-19 Webinar Series! The series consisted of eight separate webinars, organized around the principles of “Recognition, Evaluation and Control” and focused on aerosol transmission (SARS-CoV-2 particle inhalation) in workplaces, with particular attention on non-healthcare settings. Get On Demand webinars from this educational series!

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Price: $899

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ACGIH is dedicated to providing quality, scientific, educational events. One method of doing this is to offer distance-learning webinars. A webinar, short for Web-based seminar, is a presentation, lecture, or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet. A key feature of a webinar is its interactive elements — the ability to give, receive and discuss information. Webinars are as effective as on-site presentations without the travel expense. An ACGIH webinar can be of various durations and consists of a live presentation given via the Internet with an audio telephone link similar to that of a conference call.

Each webinar may qualify for ABIH CM credit and BSCP Continuance of Certification points. To receive confirmation of attendance, attendees must view the webinar and submit a final exam and evaluation. Each webinar includes one test. Additional tests can be purchased for other attendees.

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