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Industrial Ventilation Resources

Wherever you are within your career or as you work toward certification, ACGIH has Industrial Ventilation classes and professional development opportunities for every skill level. Our path toward proficiency is designed to cater to professionals of all educational backgrounds so you can take whichever courses are necessary for your future career advancements and achievements. Start with the basics, take advantage of high-level instruction, or even join us for in-person training!

The Path

Basics in Industrial Ventilation

Gain a solid foundation and start building your skills with our “Basics in Industrial Ventilation” course. As an online learning opportunity, you’ll be able to earn 9.25 education contact hours and complete this course when and where you want. The professionally taught course covers a variety of topics, including the selection and design of industrial ventilation systems along with their care and maintenance. In addition to continuing your education and professional development, you’ll also receive a complimentary digital copy of “Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design, 30th Edition.”


FIV On-the-Road – “ACGIH Comes to You!”

If you have a full team or department in need of professional development, ACGIH can bring their world-class industrial ventilation education right to your door. Classes can be tailored to your audience and last anywhere from 2 – 5 days. You simply provide a location and ACGIH provides all learning materials.

Potential content of your tailored course can include:

  • Identifying and selecting appropriate ventilation systems for process emission/exposure control
  • Measuring and evaluating the performance of ventilation systems (flow, pressure, horsepower)
  • Designing and evaluating dilution ventilation systems
  • Designing/re-designing local exhaust systems using state-of-the-art design schematics
  • Energy conservation techniques for a ventilation system
  • Critically reviewing ventilation system plans, drawings, and specifications of engineers and architects

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Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation

Offered in-person at several locations throughout the year, “Fundamentals of Industrial Ventilation” builds upon the knowledge and skillset base established by the prior “Basics in Industrial Ventilation” course. More advanced topics will be introduced, such as evaluating the function and performance of industrial ventilation systems and how to troubleshoot and test existing systems. Besides strengthening pre-existing skills and experience, this course will continue building proficiency in industrial ventilation systems and will prepare participants for advanced instruction.


Advanced Industrial Ventilation

After gaining experience in the design and calculations of Industrial Ventilation, come attend the “Advanced Industrial Ventilation” to receive professional instruction in next-level topics regarding industrial ventilation system design, operation, and evaluation. This in-person course combines the best of both methods of instruction to help you advance your career. The high level of industrial ventilation training relies upon excellent instruction, in-depth lectures, and lab simulations to train you in keeping your workplace safe.

2022 Course to be determined


Ventilation Publications

New editions are available of the two manuals both designed to aid you along your Industrial Ventilation education path.

Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design” – This manual has been used for decades to design and evaluate industrial ventilation systems.

Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Operation and Maintenance” – This manual is written for practical use and contains an overview of how the systems work, recommended maintenance frequency, and troubleshooting guidance.

Pick up the two as a set or individually in either print or digital formats. Members are also able to take advantage of special discounted pricing.