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Wherever you are within your career or as you work toward certification, ACGIH has Industrial Ventilation classes and professional development opportunities for every skill level. Our path toward proficiency is designed to cater to professionals of all educational backgrounds so you can take whichever courses are necessary for your future career advancements and achievements. Start with the basics, take advantage of high-level instruction, or even join us for in-person training!


Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation

September 16-20 (Email Linda Ghindea at to go on waiting list.)

October 21-25

This popular course covers both basic and advanced topics related to industrial ventilation. Besides strengthening pre-existing skills and experience, this course will continue building proficiency in industrial ventilation systems and will prepare participants for advanced instruction.


FIV On-the-Road – “ACGIH Comes to You!”

If you have a full team or department in need of professional development, ACGIH can bring our world-class industrial ventilation education right to your door. Classes can be tailored to your audience and last one week. You simply provide a location and ACGIH delivers all the learning materials. This hands-on course, taught by world renowned industrial ventilation experts, covers both basic and advanced topics related to industrial ventilation and related calculations. A minimum of 20 people are required.

ACGIH’s Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation is a course that covers recommended ventilation and engineering controls including:

  • The behavior of air and chemical contaminants in the air
  • Industrial process exhaust system design (including ACGIH calculation methods)
  • Make-up and supply air ventilation systems
  • Dilution ventilation systems
  • Selection and design of exhaust hoods, ducts, and fittings
  • Fans and air cleaners (including Fan Laws)
  • Troubleshooting and testing of existing systems
  • Hands-on testing and measurements

ACGIH’s Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation course includes classwork on Practical Applications of Useful Equations. Utilizing a hands-on ventilation lab, calculations instruction closely follows ACGIH’s Quantitative Industrial Hygiene: A Formula Workbook supplied to participants which features:

  • Calculation and estimation approaches related to airborne contaminants
  • TLV and TWA
  • OA for dilution, fans, system testing, sound and noise, heat stress, radiation, ventilation, statistics, chemistry, etc.
  • A ventilation lab where participants work in a team environment

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Professional Development Courses (PDCs)

Basics in Industrial Ventilation – On-Demand Professional Development Course

Basics in Industrial VentilationIMPERIAL
Basics in Industrial VentilationMETRIC

Gain a solid foundation and start building your skills with our “Basics in Industrial Ventilation” course. As an online learning opportunity, you’ll be able to earn 9.25 education contact hours and complete this course when and where you want. The professionally taught course covers a variety of topics, including the selection and design of industrial ventilation systems along with their care and maintenance. In addition to continuing your education and professional development, you’ll also receive a complimentary digital copy of “Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design, 30th Edition.”


Computational Fluid Dynamics in Industrial Ventilation

ACGIH’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Industrial Ventilation Course will be presented entirely online through a combination of course modules and independent study. Course instruction offers how to interpret the results of a CFD analysis along with understanding how to use subsequent metrics to identify and improve the functionality of ventilation systems. CFD principles for various applications including athletics, health care, the automotive industry, the aviation industry, and most importantly for this course, ventilation design and troubleshooting will be reviewed. The course is intended for professionals who need a CFD analysis applied to their business with an understanding of how and why CFD could be a worthwhile solution. Attendees will also receive introductory steps to becoming a CFD user while understanding practical simulations.