Importance of TLV and BEI Documentation

Importance of TLV and BEI Documentation
When Using TLVs and BEIs Book

TLVs and BEIs are more than just numbers. Each TLV and BEI value is supported with unique Documentation which provides its underlying scientific information and data while also referencing the specific literature used to publish the corresponding levels in ACGIH’s annual TLVs and BEIs book.

As an occupational, environmental, health, and safety professional it is essential to review the Documentation to ensure their proper use in evaluating workplace exposure interactions, to understand their limitations, and to properly utilize them in the workplace. By effectively utilizing Documentation, professionals assessing worker exposures are incorporating critical context about the potential health effects of a substance – information a limit alone cannot provide.

Data Hub gives you mobile-friendly access to the scientific data you need anywhere, anytime. Data Hub is only available to ACGIH Subscribers. Subscription sales support the TLV/BEI Development Process and ensure the continuation of this valuable resource in ACGIH’s mission to advance occupational and environmental health.

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