New Compressed Schedule to TLV Development


ACGIH is updating our development process to better meet the needs of occupational and environmental health professionals. In 2023, we will be offering industry professionals the opportunity to provide comments twice per year for draft Documentation on the Notice of Intended Changes (NIC) and Notice of Intent to Establish (NIE) lists. The comment periods will run from January 1st to March 31st and July 1st to September 30th, with ratification occurring in May and November, and all changes will be posted online using Data Hub. TLV books will continue to be published at the beginning of every year. This compressed schedule will allow ACGIH scientific committees to finalize critical agents in half the time – providing critical information to the field when it is needed, while still allowing for input on all TLV changes.

Additionally, the under study list will no longer be tiered to allow chemical substances and physical agents to be added throughout the year and worked on immediately. All updates to the under study list will be reflected in ACGIH communications and on the ACGIH website.

For questions about this update or the development process, please contact the ACGIH Science Group at