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We appreciate our Sponsors! ACGIH Sponsors support the facilitation of affordable scientific education and resources that are vital to the occupational health and safety professional.

2024 Sponsors:


Slate Safety – At SlateSafety, we are focused on eliminating preventable worker injuries and deaths by creating modern, connected, and automated safety systems to prevent injuries and deaths for workers across the globe. SlateSafety has provided reliable, rugged, easy-to-use products to improve decision-making for teams since 2016.


Reach a Large Scientific Audience

ACGIH offers different levels of Sponsorship:

  • Organizational – Opportunities not included in other sponsorships. Get global recognition for your organization through the ACGIH website and other communications. Plus, get valuable benefits for your employees with ACGIH Subscriptions. Get Subscriptions for your employees, recognition and ad space on the ACGIH website, and ad space in our most popular publications; TLVs and BEIs Book or Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design. At four different tiered levels, plus a bonus opportunity, you should find the most feasible option that meets your needs.
  • Webinars – ACGIH hosts 24+ paid webinars a year, each with an average of 200+ participants. Complimentary webinars average 500+ attendees.
  • In-Person Courses – Each in-person course takes place over 3-5 days and includes hands-on instruction for up to 45 students per course. Sponsorship of in-person courses allow the opportunity to engage directly with attendees and showcase particular products.
  • Professional Development Courses (PDCs) – Sponsor access to the course for 50 people. Those 50 people will get free access after watching a commercial. Sponsors will receive the list of individuals who watch the commercial. These courses include instruction on niche issues within the OEHS field.

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