Control Banding – Ophthalmologist Scenario

COVID-19: Control Banding Can Identify Infection Risks and Interventions

Scenario – Ophthalmologist During COVID-19 Pandemic

Possible Likelihood of Exposure and High Duration = Control Band C



  • Interacts with many people each workday
  • Many may be infectious (even without fever or symptoms)
  • Works 10 hrs per day


*May require input from a health and safety professional.

Control Band C
Requires Multiple Source and Path and Likely Receptor Controls


Source Controls

  • Screen and exclude all patients who are symptomatic

Effect of Source Controls

  • Interactions with people who are mostly healthy (lowers likelihood of exposure)

Path Controls

  • Might not be possible

Receptor Controls

  • Ophthalmologist would need to wear a respirator to protect from exposure.

Use Receptor Controls (e.g., PPE) only if all other controls have been implemented and are not effective