Sustainable TLV/BEI Program

Sustainable TLV/BEI Program


In 2008, FOHS created the “Sustainable TLV®/BEI® Fund (the Fund).” The core purpose of the Fund is to develop sustainable financial support to ensure the continued development of TLVs and BEIs. The Fund will initially be managed and overseen by a four-member Board of Governors consisting of two representatives appointed by the FOHS Board of Trustees and two representatives appointed by the ACGIH® Board of Directors. The Chair of the Board of Governors will rotate annually between the two organizations’ representatives.

The Fund was created to address the following factors:

  • Since its inception, the core purpose and “cause” of ACGIH has been to protect workplace employees through the development of science-based occupational exposure guidelines widely known as the TLVs and BEIs. These guidelines have become recognized throughout the world as forming the scientific basis for subsequent development of workplace standards. The potential loss of the TLVs and BEIs would result in a significant loss of basic worker protection.
  • Current economic conditions and recent legal challenges put the continuation of ACGIH’s core cause and purpose at risk, namely the continued development of occupational exposure guidelines.
  • FOHS has the ability to solicit and receive donations and grants from corporate, governmental and private entities alike. There are potentially many entities that would provide support for sustaining the TLV and BEI processes, and the Fund creates the mechanism for receiving that support.

Through the creation of the Fund, FOHS will be able to solicit funds to help support the continued development of TLVs and BEIs. The purpose of the Fund will be to augment support for existing ACGIH programs used in developing TLVs and BEIs. The establishment of the Fund will provide additional opportunities for raising funds to support and sustain the core mission and value of developing and promoting occupational exposure guidelines.

Join your colleagues as an FOHS Contributor to the Sustainable TLV/BEI Program. Contributions are tax-deductible, as provided by law.