WOP Award Recipients — 2003

Worldwide Outreach Program
Award Recipients — 2003

In memory of Terry Biggs, the Occupational Health Department Library at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. This award was designed to fulfill the Occupational Hygiene MPH Program needs in addition to the existing ACGIH® Student/Mentorship program already in progress. The package included:

  • One (1) copy of Documentation of the TLVs® and BEIs®, 7th Edition
  • One (1) copy of Documentation of the TLVs and BEIs with Other Worldwide Occupational Exposure Values – 2002 CD-ROM
  • Sixteen (16) copies of the 2002 TLVs and BEIs Book
  • One (1) copy of Air Sampling Instruments, 9th edition
  • One (1) copy of Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice, 24th edition
  • One (1) copy of Topics in Biological Monitoring
  • One (1) copy of Industrial Hygiene Program Management
  • One (1) copy of Guide for Testing Ventilation Systems
  • One (1) copy of Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control
  • Fourteen (14) 2003 ACGIH student memberships
  • One (1) 2003 ACGIH regular membership (Professor David Rees)