WOP Award Recipients — 2004

Worldwide Outreach Program
Award Recipients — 2004

Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
West Virginia University

The University of the West Indies (targeted for funding by West Virginia University through the grant) is proposing a new academic training program that will offer BS, MS, and PhD programs in occupational and environmental health and safety. The funds will help develop a comprehensive resource library and assist in the education of occupational hygiene students in the Carribean.

Public Health and Development Sciences Program
Health Sciences
University of Balamand, Lebanon

The Public Health and Development Sciences Program at the University of Balamand offers a Public Health and Development Science degree. Grant funds will be used to strengthen this program by allowing for the purchase of indirect and direct reading instruments that will move the program from theoretical to practical application.

Department of Environmental Health Engineering
Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute
Chennai, India

The objectives of this IH program are to establish methods for sampling in different workplaces, and to standardize those protocols for analysis of bioaerosols. The grant will be used to procure basic equipment and training materials related to bioaerosols/aerosols.