2019 William D. Wagner Award

2019 William D. Wagner Awardee

The William D. Wagner Award, established in 2003, is presented annually to a person in the field of national and international worker health and safety who is an outstanding example of commitment and dedication to the creation and dissemination of occupational exposure values (OEVs).

The 2019 recipient of the William D. Wagner Award is Thomas J. Armstrong, PhD, CIH.

Dr. Armstrong is a Professor in the Industrial and Operations Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Departments at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering.

Dr. Armstrong received PhD degrees in Industrial and Operations Engineering, Industrial Health, and Physiology, all from the University of Michigan. His work over the last 35+ years at the University of Michigan has contributed to attempts by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop ergonomics standards, and to the development of the first ACGIH® Ergonomics TLVs®. Dr. Armstrong is a Certified Industrial Hygienist in Comprehensive Practice and a Certified Professional Ergonomist.

Dr. Armstrong joined ACGIH in 1986 and has served on the ACGIH Threshold Limit Values for Physical Agents (TLV-PA) Committee from 1998–2017. His work on the Committee included contributing to the development of the TLV for musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limbs, collaborative work on materials handling and localized fatigue TLVs and exploring bases for new TLVs with leading investigators in the field.  Dr. Armstrong is an active member and Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and the International Ergonomics Society of Great Britain. He is a long-standing member and Fellow of AIHA.

ACGIH is pleased to name Dr. Armstrong as the 2019 William D. Wagner Awardee.

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2003 — Elizabeth K. Weisburger, ScD, PhD
  • 2004 — Daniel L. Johnson, PhD
  • 2005 — Vera F. Thomas, PhD
  • 2006 — Ernest Mastromatteo, CD, MD, DPH, DIH, FABPM (Occ Med), CCBOM, MFOM (London)
  • 2007 — Gerald V. Coles, CChem
  • 2008 — Masayuki Ikeda, PhD, MD
  • 2009 — B. Dwight Culver, MD
  • 2010 — D. Jack Lund
  • 2011 — Karl-Heinz Schaller
  • 2012 — Gerald L. Kennedy
  • 2013 — Thomas S. Tenforde, PhD
  • 2014 — Michael S. Morgan, ScD, CIH
  • 2015 — Robert Spirtas, DrPH
  • 2016 — Martin G. Cherniack, MPH, MD
  • 2017 — Larry K. Lowry, PhD
  • 2018 — David Michaels, PhD