CAS number: 137-26-8

Synonyms: bis(Dimethylthio carbamoyl) disulfide; Tetramethylthioram disulfide; Tetramethyl thioperoxydicarbonic diamide; TMT; TMTD; TMTDS; and the following registered names: Arasan®; Fernasun®; Nomersan®; Pomarsol®; Puralin®; Rezifilm®; Tersan®; Thiorad®; Thiosan®; Thylate®; Tuads®; Tulisan®

Chemical formula: C6H12N2S4

Chemical structure:

TLV–TWA, 0.05 mg/m3 (0.005 ppm), Inhalable fraction and vapor

Dermal Sensitizer (DSEN)

A4 — Not Classifiable as a Human Carcinogen

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