COVID-19 Fact Sheet: Airflow Patterns Matter

COVID-19: Airflow Patterns Matter

Building Ventilation Systems are Not Designed to Remove Particles Emitted from an Infectious Source

Instead, their purpose is for comfort and general air quality.

Interventions above the ceiling can yield benefits, but may not be sufficient to prevent exposure in occupied spaces below the ceiling.

Airflow Patterns are Important

Placement and design of inlets and outlets can cause poor mixing, dead zones, short circuiting and concentration build-up.

What’s the Exposure?

  • Anyone can be a source of infectious particles.
  • Particles follow air currents.
  • Particle concentrations increase over time.
  • Exposure may result from the transport of particles from an infectious person to an uninfected person.

Proper Supply and Exhaust can Significantly Reduce the Risk of Exposure

Consider optimizing the type and location of supply and exhaust to enhance airflow, mixing, dilution and removal of contaminants.