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ACGIH advances the careers of professionals working in the occupational and environmental health, industrial hygiene, and safety communities interested in defining their science.

ACGIH works continuously to enhance the occupational, environmental, health, and safety fields. Our research provides you with the science and data you need to ensure the safety of your employees and community. Membership support is crucial to the continued research and development of occupational science.


Educational & Professional Development Opportunities

Educational Benefits Package:

Earn All Your CM Points to maintain Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist (CAIH), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technicians (OHST), and Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) certifications.

  • ACGIH’s “The Action Level!®” – Complimentary at-home, self-study, continuing education program. Earn up to 12 education contact hours of CM credits and 3.6 recertification points per year.
  • Recorded Ethics Training

Other Ways to Acquire Ethics Training, Maintain Certification and Develop Skills to Strengthen Your Professional Profile: 

Short on credits/points? Members get discounts on ACGIH-sponsored courses, e-Learning, symposia, workshops and webinars.

ACGIH offers:

  • Webinars – Earn CIH CM credits and/or BCSP recertification points
    • Webinar Archives – Earn CM credits
  • Webinar Tests – Certificate of Completion
  • Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation Course – 32 education contact hours to earn CIH CM credits and/or CSP recertification points –
    “The World’s Best FIV Course!”

Connect! Volunteer! Network! Opportunities to ContributeEarn CM Points and Engage 

Connect:  With industry scientists, researchers, academics, …

Volunteer:  Become a Committee Member to develop, disseminate and Define vital information to Your Scientific Field

Network:  Stay on the cutting edge of Techniques, Technology, Solutions, Training, and Industry Best Practices

Contribute:  Support the continued existence of ACGIH TLVs® and BEIs®

Earn CM Points:  Become a Committee Member! For 12 months of service, Chairs receive 1 point and Committee Members receive 0.5 point.

Engage:  Network with your colleagues in the field to help Define Your Science!

Publications and Resources to Help You in Your Field

ACGIH members receive Complimentary and discounted publications as part of their membership, including a FREE copy of the renowned TLVs and BEIs Book every year!

  • (1) Complimentary Annual 2022 TLVs and BEIs Book (Choose between electronic or print format. Once you apply for membership, contact Customer Service at to specify your choice.)
  • Complimentary Downloads of Documentation of the TLVs and BEIs
  • (12) Complimentary online monthly issues of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH)
  • 86% Discount on printed versions of JOEH
  • 20% Discount on all ACGIH Signature Publications
  • FREE Shipping and Handling on all domestic publication orders
  • Complimentary Annual Reports of the Committees on TLVs and BEIs
  • $99 individual Webinar Archives within the ACGIH e-Library



New memberships are valid through 2022.