Strategic Plan

2021–2024 Strategic Plan
Adopted March 2021

The ACGIH Board of Directors is proud to present the 2021–2024 ACGIH Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is the result of over 500 volunteer and staff hours, input from members and non-members through a survey sent in the Summer of 2020, and facilitation by a non-profit consultation organization. The five goals outlined in the strategic plan will serve as the foundation for ACGIH activities, initiatives, and programs.

Through the implementation of the strategic plan, ACGIH plans to achieve sustained growth while maintaining the integrity of science and the vision of the organization: To advance occupational and environmental health globally by providing education programs, scientific data, and technical knowledge of Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) professionals in the interest of workers and the public health.

Define Your Science
is the tagline for the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), a charitable scientific organization that advances Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS).

ACGIH Vision: To consolidate a global interchange of scientific knowledge supporting worker protection and to prevent occupational and environmental illness and disease.

ACGIH Mission: To advance occupational and environmental health globally by providing educational programs, scientific data, and technical knowledge to Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) professionals in the interest of workers and the public.


Organizational Goals and Objectives: The following organizational goals and corresponding objectives identified by the ACGIH Board of Directors as guiding principles for 2021 – 2024 shall serve as a foundation for all ACGIH activities, initiatives, and programs:

Goal 1:
Implement the Affirmed Mission and Vision


      • Establish a long-term plan to implement the ACGIH Mission and Vision
      • Identify and document organizational Core Values
      • Investigate environmental health initiatives at higher levels
      • Recognize short- and long-term goals for incorporating the tenets of environmental health into TLV/BEI development processes
      • Institutionalize the Vision, Mission, and Core Values into practice and communications

Goal 2: Improve and Expand Board Impact


      • Apply Board governance best practices
      • Formalize Board Orientation/Onboarding actions
      • Execute an annual Board Evaluation process
      • Comprehensively review Board Nomination procedures
      • Measure appropriate Board composition with respect to ACGIH member demographics

Goal 3: Ensure Effectiveness of Core Functions


      • Evaluate TLV/BEI development for heightened effectiveness of in-person and virtual peer review processes via digital competencies that promote engagement/data delivery
      • Cultivate publication authors and education curriculum developers while evaluating intended audiences, module feedback, revenue expectations and relationship tactics
      • Develop an Educational Programming Plan focused on processes review, topic identification, digital accessibility, international markets, and outside industry organization activities
      • Broaden scientific translation opportunities including the creation of usable education
        and publication products for international markets

Goal 4: Develop and Strengthen Partnerships


      • Expand global outreach via targeted marketing and formal partnerships
      • Implement an International Programming Plan to review partnerships, interpreted materials, cultural competencies, currency considerations, and co-creation of marketable deliverables
      • Assess prospective/existing industry agreements including merit vs. risk and Mission alignment, along with value ACGIH can provide to various business sectors (e.g., professional associations, scientific societies, healthcare, manufacturing, labor, post-secondary and post-graduate education, military, construction, and/or mining)
      • Elevate ACGIH as the preeminent resource for scientific information and expertise relative to occupational hygiene and/or environmental health
      • Increase academic institution impact for further dissemination of ACGIH publications throughout applicable educational curricula

Goal 5: Increase, Engage and Retain Members/Supporters


      • Review current membership categories and explore the benefits of expanded classifications
      • Examine the impact of Reciprocal Memberships with partner organizations and/or multi-membership discounts
      • Plan for coordinated Membership Surveys, Onboarding Efforts, Committee Recruitment, Volunteer Succession Planning, and Global Outreach Initiatives
      • Explore outsourcing the production of sustainable financial support, fundraising, and grants to ensure the continued development of TLVs/BEIs as well as ventilation controls

Goal 6: Support Committee Excellence


      • Formulate a Task Force to evaluate all Scientific and Standing Committees
      • Consider resurrecting or creating the following Committees: Agriculture Safety and Health; Air Sampling Instruments; Construction and Mining; Healthcare; International; Small Business
      • Build and nurture a culture of responsiveness into all elements of committee volunteerism including Operations Manual oversight, process-driven expectations, measurable outcomes, coaching, Board Liaison support, Board-Committee interactions, and succession planning

Approved by the ACGIH Board of Directors on March 13, 2021