About FOHS

About FOHS

Goals and Activities

Beyond its attention to fostering expanded establishment and use of occupational exposure values throughout the world and its annual presentation of the Jeff Lee Lecture at AIHce, FOHS plans to add increased emphasis to the need for high quality continuing professional education and its vision of a higher plateau in this important arena. FOHS also plans to concentrate its efforts on scientific research in the field and research on the profession itself — all for the benefit of industrial hygienists and related professionals.

Sustainable TLV®/BEI® Program

In 2008, FOHS created the Sustainable TLV/BEI Fund. The core purpose of the fund is to develop sustainable financial support to ensure the continued existence of ACGIH® TLVs and BEIs. Since its inception the core purpose and “cause” of ACGIH has been to protect workplace employees through the development of science-based occupational exposure guidelines widely known as the TLVs and BEIs. These guidelines have become recognized throughout the world as forming the scientific basis for subsequent development of workplace standards. The potential loss of the TLVs and BEIs would result in a significant loss of basic worker protection. Donations and grants to this fund will provide support for existing ACGIH programs used in developing TLVs and BEIs.

Worldwide Outreach Program

In 2003, the YIHWAG Family Foundation awarded FOHS a substantial grant to benefit the needs of educational organizations in developing countries throughout the world. From this grant, FOHS established the Worldwide Outreach Program. Its mission is to support the professional development of occupational health and safety throughout the world. Qualifying educational organizations, professional organizations, and non-government organizations seeking to further the goals of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centers for Occupational Health’s 2006-2010 Work Plan can apply for program grants ranging from $1,000-$2,000.

Opportunity to become an FOHS Trustee

The members of the Board of Trustees are actively seeking volunteers to join them in leading FOHS and working to help it reach its full potential. All in the profession are eligible to serve and are encouraged to make their willingness known. The Board of Trustees currently consists of 7 people.

The Code of Regulations (Bylaws) for FOHS

It significantly simplifies and streamlines the Foundation’s structure so that its activities can be more expeditiously pursued, and so that all who are interested in its goals can fully participate in these activities.

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