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13 Sep 2023
Webinar – SESSION 1: Toxicology Series: Principles of Toxicology and Basics of Inhalation Toxicology for the Industrial Hygienist

Basics of Inhalation Toxicology will help the participant to understand the anatomical, physiological, and physicochemical determinants of particle and gas deposition or absorption in the respiratory tract upon inhalation exposure, as well as broad concepts related to the fate and effects of inhaled toxicants.

On-Demand Webinars

Summer Series

12 Sep 2023
Webinar – Introduction of Computational Fluid Dynamics Applied in Industrial Ventilation

This webinar will focus on how Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) is used in the field of Industrial Ventilation. We will show how this visual technique can be a powerful tool in ventilation design and in troubleshooting Industrial Ventilation systems.

6 Sep 2023
Webinar – The Environmental Risk Assessment of Medicinal Products; Implications for Human Health

The drugs released into the environment (PIE= Pharmaceuticals Into Environment) are a source of considerable concern for the impact on environmental species but equally for the indirect consequences on human health.

16 Aug 2023
Webinar – Outcome Based Learning: Strategies For Course Design, delivery, and Evaluation for Virtual Environments

The following presentation objectives will discuss adult learning principles, and describe how to make virtual training more engaging. Lastly, it will identify ANSI Z490.2 EHS training criteria.

26 Jul 2023
Webinar – Human Factors: The Science of Safety

In this presentation we will briefly discuss the field of human factors and its foundational role in safety. Human factors is the discipline of reducing the chance of human error.

5 Jul 2023
Webinar – Bioaerosols Exposure in the Workplace and OSHA Standards

Occupational exposure to Bioaerosols is associated with a wide range of health effects and has a significant public health impact. However, there are challenges to establishing occupational exposure limits to bioaerosols in the workplace.

14 Jun 2023
Webinar – Engaging and Empowering Employees with Heat Stress Assessment

This education session will describe the use of physiological monitoring with twenty companies in maritime, construction, and general industry. The education session will include the uses and limitations of physiological monitoring as well comparison to current regulatory recommendations.

7 Jun 2023
Webinar – The New Dimensions of Occupational Health – Impact of Industrial Hygiene

The objective of this presentation is to increase occupational health professionals’ awareness about this emerging situation and about the ways to deal with adequately.

24 May 2023
Webinar – Global Understanding of Heat Stress and Heat-Related Illness for Workers and Communities

The basic understanding of heat stress and heat-related illness have been discussed based on a scientific perspective for both indoor and outdoor environments.

10 May 2023
Webinar – IH Field Survey & Identification Technical Overview

IH Field Survey & Identification Technical Overview (Including Chemical, Biological, & Radiological Survey Instruments) – This technical session will focus on how advanced instrumentation devices are used to identify and classify materials in field settings. Instrumentation examples include simpler instruments such as CGI, ‘5-gas’, PIDs, and move on to more advanced spectral library-based instruments such as IR, FTIR, Raman, portable GC/MS, microscale MS (908), and Radioisotope Identification Devices (RIIDs).