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5 Oct 2022
Webinar – Hazardous Materials & Unknown Chemical Field Testing and Classification

A detailed technical discussion of how to reliably test and classify unknown liquid and solid chemical materials using rapid, reliable simplified testing which can be used without advanced analytical field instrumentation, or in tandem with such instrumentation.

On-Demand Webinars

Summer Series

21 Sep 2022
Webinar – Lab Cleanouts – A Structured Approach

Lab cleanouts have the potential to be complex and particularly dangerous operations, often ‘ripe’ with potential hazards. Potentially encountered hazard types include physical, chemical, biological, radioactive, take-home contamination, and/or a combination of these.

24 Aug 2022
Webinar – Industrial Hygiene Programs in the Absence of Industrial Hygienists in EHS Organizations

This webinar will address the hassle that companies might face when it comes to managing an Industrial Hygiene or Occupational Hygiene program, especially for organizations that either don’t have professional industrial/occupational hygienists, or, if they do have them, it’s just a designation without properly fulfilling its true requirements.

10 Aug 2022
Webinar – The New Forms of Governance Offer Opportunities to Reduce Occupational Risks and Increase Workers’ Well Being

This webinar will discuss Occupational Health from a global perspective as well as new models of governance. Selected examples will be given along with a discussion and conclusion.

29 Jun 2022
Webinar – Controversies on the Benefits of Sitting, Standing, or Hybrid Workplaces

The webinar is in 2 parts. The first will focus on the musculoskeletal benefits and problems associated with common office work postures such as sitting, standing, or the hybrid perched posture. Seating pros and cons (support, biomechanics, discomfort/pain ) and standing pros and cons (movement, force, biomechanics, discomfort/pain, LBP) on muscle fatigue and edema, varicose vein will be discussed. In addition, possible Interventions (mobility, rest, exercises, antifatigue mats) and some myths will be discussed.

13 Jul 2022
Webinar – ACGIH Velocity Pressure Calculation Method – Making It Easy!

This webinar introduces the use of the ACGIH Velocity Pressure Method for calculating both dynamic and frictional losses in an industrial ventilation system. Using Bernoulli’s Principle for mutual conversion of velocity and static pressures, this method assigns loss factors for hoods, fittings and ductings which allow the static pressure loss to be determined by the appropriate loss factor and the velocity pressure. This allows versatility and ease when computing losses for changes in system airflow or design. The ACGIH Velocity Pressure Method for calculating frictional and dynamic static pressure losses in an industrial ventilation system is a consistent, accurate and easy to use method for both system design and evaluation.

1 Jun 2022
Webinar – Combustible Dust: An Industrial Hazard

Combustible dust is a silent cause of health and safety concern for industrial professionals. This webinar will inform on fugitive combustible dust as an industrial hazard and detail what we currently know about it.

18 May 2022
Webinar – Worker Exposure Modeling: ECETOC-TRA Model and Advanced REACH Tool (ART)

Exposure modelling plays an important role in both the European strategy for chemical risk assessment (EN-689) and the REACH regulation.

The most commonly used model for estimating occupational exposure to hazardous substances in Europe is the ECETOC-TRA model.

20 Apr 2022
Webinar – Exposure Assessment Modeling – A Practical Approach

This webinar will be a presentation for Industrial hygienists who may have heard of exposure modeling but are worried that their last math and chemistry courses were long enough ago that modeling is out of their reach. It will inform Industrial hygienists whose day-to-day tasks keep them from practicing the mathematics that seem front-and-center in exposure modeling and it will help Industrial hygienists who know that they have the skills needed to use models for exposure assessment, but don’t know how to get started. This webinar is intended to be an easy “on ramp” into the world of modeling using basic scenarios and models, it and will point the way forward to more in-depth model use.

4 May 2022
Webinar – Key to Hiring a Safety Trainer and Industrial Hygienist

The webinar will discuss key issues in selecting and engaging an industrial hygiene consultant. We will discuss what not to expect from an industrial hygiene consultant. What to do after the agreement for services is signed. Also how to evaluate possible pitfalls and risk management when contracting an industrial hygiene consultant. Industrial Hygiene consultants are no substitute for effective management and governance and should not be brought on board to deal with matters that are the responsibility of leaders.